East 125th B West

110 149th Street

Compass Residences Phase 3

Compass Residences Phase 6

530 Exterior Street

491 Gerard Avenue

Nehemiah Spring Creek Phase 4B-Senior

Nehemiah Spring Creek Phase 4A (Homeownership)

Nehemiah Spring Creek Phase 4B-1 & 4B-2 Octets

Compass Residences Phase 1

1 John Street

The Residences at PS186 / The Boys and Girls Club of Harlem

Compass Residences Phase 2

East Harlem MEC

Carmel Place

Kelly Street Restoration

Metro 125

Mid Bronx Plaza and Bryant Mews

MBD Silva Taylor

Hunter's Point South Commons and Hunter's Point South Crossing

Hanac PCA

Bryant Avenue Apartments

The Park Clinton